‘Show me the market’ is the name I chose for this part of the site, but the young people of the site objected to the name and chose the name “work and earn” and because  of their opinion was the majority, their will prevailed. But in this article I think I have the right to write what I want so I will call this article “Show me the market”.

Show me the market will contain activities that we can do online that we can make an income from. The activities I will share with you are the ones I’ve tried, helped, participated in, or were tried by colleagues I trust. The activities I will talk about will range from simple activities that we can do besides our main job by allocating only some time a day to them, to small and medium enterprises that rely heavily on the Internet.

This part of the site is also open to anyone who has had a successful experience of a project or even a simple activity that generates a halal profit, and would like to share his experience with an article, video, or even an audio file.

Each activity or project will include an explanation of the idea and the skills needed to implement and succeed in it, the budget and resources required, methods of profit, resources available to learn and to master the creation, management and improvement of the results of the project.

The following are some activities or projects, each of which will be explained separately in a separate article, God willing:

  • Selling products on e-shopping platforms (eg Souq)
  • Selling products on social networks
  • Drop shipping
  • Marketing for professional services
  • Designing t-shirts and selling them
  • Selling products on Amazon through Fulfillment by amazon
  • Providing services on small service sites
  • Article Translation
  • Do Interview Transcribing
  • Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
  • Selling hand-made and artistic products
  • Establishing a site in a specific specialization
  • Participating in Usability testing
  •  Become virtual call center employee
  • Do Vice Acting
  • Become A Ghostwriter
  • Be A Proofreader
  •  Become A Captioner
  • Become A Telephone Mystery Shopper
  • Become A Social Media Evaluator
  • Writing articles
  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Online Courses
  • Commission marketing
  • Sell products on Souq or Amazon
  • Writing and selling books
  • Selling photos
  • Listening and evaluating music
  • Sell Quote Printable
  • Video creating & editing
  • Write slogans & taglines
  • Create coupon website
  • Create a comparison website