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24 Sep 2019

The idea

The idea is to simply create a merchant account on an e-shopping site, for example Souq website, and start placing products on the site to sell. In short, you have a store without any financial costs, then you start to choose one or more products photographed professionally, and put them on the market site, and choose a suitable name and a clear description of the product. Then the marketing phase of the product starts on social media, for example. Then receive the product orders, and start packaging the product, and the representative of the shipping company for the site of the market will come to you  to receive the product and deliver it to the customer. Souq will transfer the sales amount to your balance after deducting commission and any other expenses.

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6 Aug 2019

What is Digital Marketing? 

Before starting the digital marketing study, let’s emphasize that digital marketing is the product of integrating IT science with marketing science. To start learning digital marketing and excellence, you have to have enough marketing principles and skillfully deal with technology, and every specialty of digital marketing needs a different degree of in-depth knowledge of marketing science or science of information technology science. For example, to study and specialize in “Search Engine Optimization”, you need to be familiar with the customer’s behavior and familiar with the principles and basics of website building and web hosting as well.

The beauty of digital marketing is that there is a diversity of skills and personal qualities needed for each group of jobs. For example, a person with a high intelligence IQ, a number-lover, is proficient in managing and improving the results of media advertising campaigns, and is proficient in learning and mastering the Technology part, works in the field of SEO or ASO. There is another profile for the person with social intelligence who works to create and manage communities on social networks, and so on …

How to learn digital marketing?

There are many educational resources that we can start with, of course, other than books of course for those who want to study more academically, and the following is a set of sites that offer free courses in digital marketing:

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