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21 Jul 2019

A group of scenes, not erased from my memory, ever since I was 9 years old, we had a neighbor in the chalet next to us on the beach of Mandara, one of the beaches of Alexandria, and this neighbor offered  to teach me and my younger brother swimming.

Within the first lesson I started swimming and crossed a distance.I tried to stand and discovered that the depth of the sea is deeper than my height, I began to sink and scenes  rolled in front of my eyes to to be burned forever in my memory.

The first scene I drowned and floated only to see the person who trained us standing still, watching me drown yet not moving. I dive and float again and this person is still. My younger brother began to swim towards me to save me. I dive and float and the scene is still repeated and the coach is standing and my brother is moving in my direction. When I float that time, I see my brother beside me and he starts to skip me and continues to swim deeper and dive again as I reach out to hold my brother and hold his hand.  At that moment the ends of my legs  touched the earth to strike the ground, and with the movement of the wave, my height became longer than the depth of the sea water. Providence saved us, my brother and I thank God… Then we find out later that this coach does not know how to swim!!! Yes, he does not know how to swim. So he doesn’t even know the first thing about swimming to train  it. Read More

21 Jul 2019

Marketing isn’t only used to market products and services, it’s also used to market ideas, opinions, beliefs, people, parties, political candidates, political systems, etc. Like the iceberg, a small part of which appears above water, is also digital marketing. Where the vast majority of it is not visible. We only see articles, publications or advertisements on social networks and websites, whether on computers or mobile phones. However, the non-visible digital marketing strategies, tools and principles are the most dangerous and most powerful ones, so this article will talk about the dark side of using digital marketing in politics.

In the Fundamentals of Political Analysis book by Philip Bullock, the best book in political science research, fundamentals and methods of political research that measure public opinion and determine the true size of supporters and opponents of an entity, personality, belief, or political system are covered in a particular segment of society. Read More

21 Jul 2019

In 2012, God caused a car accident that resulted in me staying at home for about six months, during which I studied digital marketing,through many resources including books and marketing study materials I had acquired during my internship at DIT University in Ireland. I began to apply what I studied in a number of projects and actually achieved results that I thought were remarkable compared to traditional marketing methods.

Later, with a plan to establish a digital marketing department at the Information Technology Institute, I received a scholarship to study digital marketing in England. At first I was not excited because I did not appreciate the enormous benefits. I see myself as brilliant man lacking very little. Because I am constantly familiarize myself with international articles, and because I started one of the branches of digital marketing, the field of Search Engine Optimization SEO since 1999. But the Arab proverb “Every galaxy in the open is pleased” came true, where my first shock was when I started to correspond with one of the places I would study. And they sent me the titles of the topics I’ll study. It was 82 pages that only contained titles of what I would study, most of which were topics I had not heard of before or even found on the Internet. Read More

21 Jul 2019

I have been following Khashoggi’s case with great interest on most international news channels. Sometimes I stay up until the morning to follow the reaction of a certain party to specific news or statements, and away from any political dimensions or balances, that issue will have an impact on our morals and actions.

Let me clarify the situation I experienced after the January Revolution, and I was at that time the Director of Quality Assurance. Part of our responsibility was to listen and analyze the problems, suggestions and desires of the trainees. It was discussed and met at the highest level, and despite this strong interest in the views and suggestions of the trainees, I will not forget the first time I listen to trainees after the January Revolution. They spoke clearly, not equivocation, they disclose and do not hide,with free will, not  just slaves hoping. Read More

21 Jul 2019

Can you imagine Superman submitting orders in a coffee place and calling out in his loudest voice, “I am coming.. Tea.. Coffee” using his extraordinary speed in delivering orders, or imagine Spider Man working pickpocket in the tram line of Sayida Zainab, exploiting his talent with spider cords to escape when needed.

This is the mental image that took control of my mind while getting to know what young people hackو like networks and computer systems. These young people are taking advantage of their IT skills under the name of “Thumper Trip”. They create fake trips for some of Careem’s faint-hearted drivers, so that the driver sits in the cafe sipping tea watching his car moving on the map heading towards the north coast, The car then returns from the journey when, in fact, has not moved at all. The driver takes the fee of that trip and I do not know for sure whether this amount is withdrawn from a client without his knowledge or free coupons are being exploited free coupons, and then that hacker young man takes a percentage of that theft. Read More

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