“No one would see anything you don’t want them to see, sir. You’ll be in every employee’s eyes and brain. You’ll interpret and analyze what they see for them.” Tariq had repeated this sentence over and over since it was part of the anticipated presentation he was going to give in the morning for the president of Al-Hares Company. He would not only try to sell him the most important cutting edge technology of digital security systems, but also offer him a means to control every employee in the company. He couldn’t sleep, so he left his villa and drove his extravagant car towards Al-Rowad Hotel, where Al-Hares company’s stakeholders and investors usually gathered to seal most of the company’s commercial deals and arrange most of its administrative moves and promotions at night in the bar. However, he decided against it as tomorrow he was planning to offer the CEO a means to control these stakeholders although he himself was one of them. He had arranged all of his deals with the company, his awaited meeting with the president, as well as his commission at night in that same hotel. Read More