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21 Jul 2019

There has been an uproar in the world of media, politics, technology, and marketing about the use of Facebook by Trump to achieve the presidency of the United States. With many questions, news, speculation and false news. In this article, we will explain what methods are available to the average marketer on Facebook  and ways to reach and convince customers and then the advanced methods used by the company «Cambridge Analytica» in the Trump’s campaign. It is a method used in many media campaigns but is known to experts in the digital marketing world. This method is part of the digital marketing scholarship curriculum for students of the Information Technology Institute of the Ministry of Communications. Read More

21 Jul 2019

My first year of work was in the early years of my studies at the Faculty of Engineering, and over 24 years of work, I became sure that there was corruption and corruptors everywhere I went in varying degrees and ranging from light gray to dark black.

I would like to share with you my observations on the psychology of corruption. Which begins with the initial stages of dissatisfaction, and satisfaction is a white light spectrum of seven colors.Whoever has dissatisfaction with financial resources or emotional satisfaction or… or…. The lower the spectrum of satisfaction spectrum the darker the black color in the soul. Read More

21 Jul 2019

In 2004, a group of my colleagues and I started designing and implementing a summer training program for children in the field of information technology. We benefited greatly from the research and experience of Dr. Faten Abdel Latif, who later became the Dean of the Faculty of Kindergarten in Alexandria.

The method of training in this program was based on the existence of goals set by the children themselves with their trainers to implement them through a project at the end of the training program, the child learns what he wants to learn from computer programs to achieve the goals set for himself, whether a website, video or interactive program, to enter after that a contest where everyone is a winner.

The program has had a great impact on many children, impressing us with their amazing and creatives achievements. Read More

11 Jul 2019

The look of astonishment that a child’s face looks like when he is dazzled by the magnitude of the pyramid seen for the first time. This is what happened to me every day as I got deeper into the world of blockchain and in particular the financing and marketing of projects based on it. This was when my Egyptian-American friend Siddiq asked me in late 2017 to help him prepare the marketing plan for his project based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain is the beginning of a revolution, introducing new and ingenious solutions in many fields, including web and mobile application architecture, the economics, financing and marketing of projects. Read More

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