My first year of work was in the early years of my studies at the Faculty of Engineering, and over 24 years of work, I became sure that there was corruption and corruptors everywhere I went in varying degrees and ranging from light gray to dark black.

I would like to share with you my observations on the psychology of corruption. Which begins with the initial stages of dissatisfaction, and satisfaction is a white light spectrum of seven colors.Whoever has dissatisfaction with financial resources or emotional satisfaction or… or…. The lower the spectrum of satisfaction spectrum the darker the black color in the soul.

Then we enter the second stage, the stage of psychological preparation for corruption, where the corrupts encourage corruption, by persuading other that all people do so, why not be like them? This stage coincides with the stage of distorting all those still in the white zone with rumors circulating in secret.

When you find yourself watching corruption occur around you, you must ask yourself: Do I really want this corruption to end? Or am I enjoying and benefiting from it? And when I see a corrupt – from my point of view – is it corrupt or am I projecting myself so as not to swim alone in the sea of ​​corruption?

This phase culminates in the strong belief in the self and the complete belief in the lies made by the corruptors.

Then comes the important stage that the Third World suffers from, which is the system of corruption. So that corruption has a recognized legal system and does not contradict the regulations and laws, and the greater the corrupt’s influence, the stronger the custom and regulations and laws governing corruption.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, laws and regulations governing corruption, from the gold coins of the great leaders to the priority of appointment to the high judicial house and the most famous example of this is when an Egyptian citizen is recruited into the great Egyptian army. The greater the nepotism the greater the favor. May we all be favored.

And the slope of corruption slips us to the staff member to set the mock regulations to achieve the personal aims of the estate of his father.

I know you now hear rhe voice of the late Ahmed Zaki in your ear in the move ‘Against The Government’ ,“My dear we are all corrupt, I do not exclude anyone”

No, gentlemen, we are not all corrupt, it is the next stage of dissatisfaction after falling into the sea of ​​corruption. May God help us all.
Let us hold ourselves accountable before we are held accountable