Can you imagine Superman submitting orders in a coffee place and calling out in his loudest voice, “I am coming.. Tea.. Coffee” using his extraordinary speed in delivering orders, or imagine Spider Man working pickpocket in the tram line of Sayida Zainab, exploiting his talent with spider cords to escape when needed.

This is the mental image that took control of my mind while getting to know what young people hackو like networks and computer systems. These young people are taking advantage of their IT skills under the name of “Thumper Trip”. They create fake trips for some of Careem’s faint-hearted drivers, so that the driver sits in the cafe sipping tea watching his car moving on the map heading towards the north coast, The car then returns from the journey when, in fact, has not moved at all. The driver takes the fee of that trip and I do not know for sure whether this amount is withdrawn from a client without his knowledge or free coupons are being exploited free coupons, and then that hacker young man takes a percentage of that theft.

I mentioned this example, to discuss a specific angle far from the legal, religious and moral notion and humiliation protection systems at Careem.

A young man like this, simple in his form, a professional in his skills, great in his intelligence, poor in his resources, modest in his social class and average in his education. This young man received a small amount for his work. Corrupted, for this breakthrough, and would have received greater value had it not been for the imbalance of the training and employment system.

The question now is are the technological skills of this young man less than that of his counterpart, who works in major IT companies ?? My answer: Absolutely not.

The next question .. Is it possible for this young man to work in those companies ?? My answer is : very unlikely.

Let the next inspiring experience illustrate the purpose of the above questions,carried out by one of the most worthy software development companies in Alexandria with a distinctive professional system to manage the software development system within it. Some companies – especially those with Gulf or foreign capital – are quick to hire employees from that company’s team.

About 90% of the company’s staff left every year. So the company resorted to setting new standards in its selection of programmers, standards that do not turn a blind eye to skills, intelligence and willingness to learn, but a lower level of acceptance of other criteria. Such as the English or even Arabic language skills of a rural Egyptian, the type of education obtained, or any criteria that can be considered class discrimination or discrimination on the basis of rural and urban or certificate. After that experiment, the drop-out rate dropped to just 5%.

I should also mention the experiment of the IT Institute to train street boys and girls in IT software tools.Some organizations need it and can hire that class of children. The result was amazing!! These children turned from riotous, aggressive, full-sighted, sharp-eyed, first-day verbos to excellent, reassuring, calm, reactive children determined to be an effective part of their country on the last day of training.

So, to each president responsible for initiatives or competitions. Can we review the selection criteria to ensure that there is no unjust class discrimination for groups of society most deserving of free grants, categories that the country needs to have competence and mentalities?

Is it possible for us to supervise the review of grants to some private universities, and benefit only those of those universities graduates.

Gentlemen, heads of companies and institutions. May we reconsider the admission criteria in your esteemed companies, to be compatible with the skills needed for the job only without caste, geography or sectarian discrimination, and let the social prestige be that of the team that represents the front of the company.

Am I dreaming if I demand positive differentiation by allocating grants to these groups, or should there be priority in the selection of children of low-income or marginalized geographical areas or all vulnerable and marginalized groups if the other criteria are equal?

We are in a homeland that needs everyone’s brains and minds without any discrimination or racism – and we can only blame ourselves if those groups become hateful bombs that misuse what’s public and private.