I have been following Khashoggi’s case with great interest on most international news channels. Sometimes I stay up until the morning to follow the reaction of a certain party to specific news or statements, and away from any political dimensions or balances, that issue will have an impact on our morals and actions.

Let me clarify the situation I experienced after the January Revolution, and I was at that time the Director of Quality Assurance. Part of our responsibility was to listen and analyze the problems, suggestions and desires of the trainees. It was discussed and met at the highest level, and despite this strong interest in the views and suggestions of the trainees, I will not forget the first time I listen to trainees after the January Revolution. They spoke clearly, not equivocation, they disclose and do not hide,with free will, not  just slaves hoping.

The second situation, which was very disappointing to me, when I was standing in front of the elevator of a government institution, for example, I find one of the simplest people of my father’s age. Trying to let me pass them to reach the elevator, saying to me: “Go ahead, Sir,” for no reason other than that I wear a suit and tie.That situation changed and turned into the opposite after the January revolution.

In these two situations, the cause of an individual’s behavior is the general state of the country and not the actual local system. What people feel is the imaginary power that exists only in their minds drawn from the actions of the dominant forces in the country.

I believe there are two types of human beings, the first category, which has values and principles he was raised with, consistent with his religion, established in his being and the person keeps trying hard to reflect them on his actions and behavior.

The second category, which is influenced by those who are higher than him, whether administrative, social or organizational, or whatever the rank. You see that he lies, and the person in front of him knows that he’s lying, and he knows that those who he lies to know that he is a liar, and follows his lie with the laugh of a happy idiot, ecstatic that he accomplished his lie. This is because he uses with lying as a tool of management – and management science is innocent of his lies – because he found his manager doing it, he did it without even facing the trouble of mastering lying.

And by being double-face; wearing one face after another, he shows some people one face and shows other a different face of his. Without any effort to hide his hypocrisy. As if hypocrisy is one of the skills of dealing with human beings – and the arts of communication between humans live up to that – he imitated those who are higher than him. He did  it and  without any  equivocation unfortunately.

Happy with Khashoggi’s assassins. I hoped that they would be punished even if the instigator did not get punished. In order to take root in the public mind that there is no intercession to those who blindly follow. Survival in following what’s right, not the whims and desires of the masters, that “Abdul-Mamour” is cheap, worthless and will be sold at the cheapest price followed by the curses of the oppressed.

When the general climate is governed by the policy of power and the arms, and all is covered by a face of mold and personal interests overcome all else without a trace of conscience or reference to morality.This is evident in the actions and behaviors of the second kind of human beings whose morals mirror the morals of the general behavior.

We find the the defenders of that mold defend and justify with, full force and weak arguments, the actions of their masters. Even if they are labeled with the dirtiest words, they are in fact defending their dirty morals, their morals are a sign of their bosses’ manners.

I and many others were following Khashoggi’s case. Praying to God to reflect morality in the actions of the international community. I was praying the God even if there were hidden secret arguments and interests behind the scenes. What mattered to was the exaltation of values and principles so that they shall prevail. For the morals and values top shine through, and for anything else to be so  obviously spoiled and unworthy and is hidden in the dark.

I was praying and wishing for it, so that bullying doesn’t become the general norm. That the constitution and reference does not become “the law of the jungle”, to spread from gentlemen to slaves. Sorry, but from slaves to slaves even if they were high of rank.For everyone is a slave to those who are in a higher rank. There will be no safety and no shelter for anyone, you will win today and lose tomorrow to a new thug in a world governed by the laws of greed, the second category of human beings will lose in this life and the after life.