In 2012, God caused a car accident that resulted in me staying at home for about six months, during which I studied digital marketing,through many resources including books and marketing study materials I had acquired during my internship at DIT University in Ireland. I began to apply what I studied in a number of projects and actually achieved results that I thought were remarkable compared to traditional marketing methods.

Later, with a plan to establish a digital marketing department at the Information Technology Institute, I received a scholarship to study digital marketing in England. At first I was not excited because I did not appreciate the enormous benefits. I see myself as brilliant man lacking very little. Because I am constantly familiarize myself with international articles, and because I started one of the branches of digital marketing, the field of Search Engine Optimization SEO since 1999. But the Arab proverb “Every galaxy in the open is pleased” came true, where my first shock was when I started to correspond with one of the places I would study. And they sent me the titles of the topics I’ll study. It was 82 pages that only contained titles of what I would study, most of which were topics I had not heard of before or even found on the Internet.

Then the shocks rolled on, and I realized I didn’t know and I didn’t know and  I didn’t know, and that, yes, I was a fool. Now not a day passes when I don’t try to learn something new and work on many global projects to practice what I have learned. I know for sure that I still do not know, but I know that I do not know and must continue to seek knowledge.

I mention all the above because of what I see in the condition of many workers in many sectors in my beloved country. I met one of the instructors in the campaign management course on the Google advertising platform. This instructor runs this department at a major digital marketing company in the field. I was surprised to see the advertising account for his work, which contains advertising campaigns for the largest brands in Egypt. Unfortunately, millions of pounds that go to the West’s pockets are thrown to the ground without any thought, due to misunderstanding, management and the absence of any professional standards or real performance indicators to be held accountable.

I met another, a trainer who specializes in managing advertising campaigns on Facebook for big projects.Unfortunately, the simplest information, about campaign management tool,the principles and rules for maximizing return on investment, is not known. This guides entrepreneurs to start successful projects, and he never did or worked on a start-up. And we meet many, many examples like him  and everyone enjoys the title of ‘expert’ in the absence of any standards or rules governing the profession.

“Cleverness” has become the dominant feature of excellence. This applies unfortunately to many disciplines in medicine, engineering, carpentry, automotive mechanics, journalism and media to cover most sectors of the state.

Is it possible to get out of the world of cheating and face this ‘cleverness’ and uneducated fatwas through the existence of institutions that set national professional standards based on international standards for reference. Ones that ensure the efficiency and quality of services provided by companies and institutions, and qualify and train individuals to raise their skills to meet international standards, and ensure efficiency and skill as well as grant a license to practice the profession according to skills, not certificates.

Or will the solution come automatically through the maturing of the market of each discipline to clearly show the difference between the skills and experience of workers in each discipline, and God save us and you from it all.